Iredell Choral Society

Statesville, North Carolina

         Joshua L. McCrary, Director  

In 2010, Joshua McCrary brought a group of friends together to form a choir. The choir went on to perform their first concert in September. With help from his middle school chorus teacher, Joshua continued hosting the concerts and called the group “Iredell Choral Society.”

He went on to file for non-profit status successfully in February of 2012.

Joshua studied music throughout school and was an active member of the West Iredell High School Chamber Choir and Technical Theater. Throughout the last several years, Joshua has worked tirelessly to lead the Iredell Choral Society as a model organization within the Statesville Community. In 2017, our organization and Community Outreach Program expanded into Mooresville, NC!

In addition to leading the choir, Joshua is also the Director of Senior Adults and Worship for Southside Baptist Church in Mooresville, NC. In May 2015, Joshua was married. He and his wife, Carrie, welcomed their first child, Brayden in November of 2016.

Board of Directors

Joshua McCrary, Director

Carrie McCrary, Secretary

Suzanne Boltz, Public Relations

Judy Dellinger, Resale Shop Ambassador

Krista Osborne, Advertising Assistant

Volunteer positions are available. Contact us for more information.


Edie Ptacek, Resale Shop Volunteer

Shannon Dellinger, Video and Graphics

Josh Horne, Sound Manager

Cindy Dellinger, Kitchen

For a list of our current volunteer opportunities, please contact us.